María Rodríguez Prieto

Chief Financial Officer

María Rodríguez is a lawyer and Chief Financial Officer. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona (1990-1995) and is qualified as a lawyer in the Juvenile Criminal Jurisdiction by the Consell dels Il.lustres Col.legis Advocats de Catalunya.

She has attended various workshops and conferences including the Internal Investigations Workshop by ICAB in 2024, a Seminar on New Criminal Processes by ICAB, another Internal Investigations Workshop by ICAB in 2023, a Conference on Cannabis Associations and Legal Consumption: Dichotomy between Criminal Law and Administrative Law by ICAB, a Conference on Toxicological Expertise in Crimes against Public Health by ICAB, a Seminar on Drug Trafficking held at ICAB headquarters, a Course on Legal and Forensic Medicine for Jurists by ICAB, a General Course on Immigration Law by ICAB, a Practical Training Course on Social Security by TGSS, a Course on Forced Expropriation by ICAB, and courses on computerization in SMEs and computerized accounting offered by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the European Social Fund.

She has worked at Rofes Abogados Asociados, Morales & Rofes, Corporate Criminal Advisory, Gabinete Jurídico Fermín Morales, and Morales Criminal Lawyers. She is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, English, and has basic proficiency in French.

She joined Morales Criminal Lawyers in April 2001.

Photography: Carlos González Armesto