Practice Areas

High specialization in financial crimes

High specialization in financial crimes

Our team of criminal lawyers is particularly specialized in the field of financial crimes. We work with companies in the procedural context, but also in the preventive sector. This gives us a privileged standpoint to understand and defend the needs of those who place their trust in our firm.

The following are some of our areas of specialization in criminal law:

Corporate criminal liability

Criminal offences against property

Corporate crimes

Tax and Social Security offences

Crimes against the Public Administration: misappropriation of funds, bribery, civil servants knowingly issuing unfair decisions and influence peddling

Cybercrime: illicit access, malware, computer damages and ransomware attacks, ISP liability, technological fraud, blockchain, child grooming and sexting

Offences against industrial and intellectual property rights

Market and consumer-related crimes: abuse and manipulation of financial instruments and commodities markets

Urban planning offences

Offences against the environment

Food and pharmaceutical public health offences

Anti-doping: criminal aspects and offences in the sports-administrative field

Crimes against honour and privacy

Data protection

Criminal offences related to safety at work

Professional negligence

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